Can FSSAI license be transferred?

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India’s food standards and safety authority is spelled FSSAI. By appointing food safety authorities for implementation and supervision, it is an independent body accountable for food safety and public health promotion and protection.┬áThe law requires you to have a license. Legislation pertaining to hygiene and safety must be passed in order to ensure that everyone has access to clean food. In this blog I have discussed Can FSSAI license be transferred.

Procedure for FSSAI license transfer

The food license can be transferred exclusively in case of death of holder of FSSAI license in Coimbatore and such license will be transferred to a lawful delegate or any relative of a diminished license holder upon demand move of license move declaration to the expert for their sake.

  • Login into Online portal.
  • From the menu that drops down, apply for duplicate/surrender of license/transfer
  • Select transfer option in action column.
  • Fill up the necessary information like contact number, address, details of death of license holder, date of death of the license holder.
  • The application to transfer the food license will be the processed by the designated officers.

FSSAI renewal

Until the online FSSAI license in Coimbatore /registration expired, there was no provision for filing the FSSAI license renewal or registration. FBOs should apply for another License/Enlistment to restart the business.

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India has announced a new policy for renewing the FSSAI license in Coimbatore /Registration after the expiry date in order to make it easier for food businesses to continue using the same license number.

The procedure for renewing an expired FSSAI license or registration is outlined in this blog.

Announcement to FBO

  • The licensed food manufacturer or importer is required to submit the required annual returns online through FoSCoS in order to comply with this provision regarding the filing of renewal applications after the expiry date.
  • After 180 days from the original expiry date, no renewals will be accepted.
  • FBOs will not be licensed to operate any food businesses between the original expiry date and the issuance of a renewed license.
  • A new validity date will be generated upon the grant of renewed FSSAI license in Coimbatore /Registration. The policy will be valid until the date of implementation/operationalization of FSS (Licensing and Registration of Food Businesses) Amendment regulations, 2021.
  • FBOs whose license/registration has expired within the last 180 days from the date of this order can take advantage of the policy and submit an application for Renewal of License/Registration through the Food Safety Compliance System, FoSCoS.

Renewal of FSSAI license

FSSAI license in Coimbatore is required prior to beginning any food business. A 14-digit registration or license number printed on food packages with the FSSAI logo is required for all food manufacturers, traders, and restaurants.

The FSSAI license has a one-year expiration date, but it can be renewed for an additional five years.

It is absolutely necessary to renew the FSSAI license in Coimbatore once it has run its course. The FSSAI License must be renewed before it expires in order for the business to continue.

The date for FSSAI renewal

According to the Food Safety Standard (Licensing and Registration of Food Businesses) Regulations, 201, FBOs are required to submit a renewal application for a license no later than thirty days prior to the license’s expiration date.

Food businesses can submit renewal applications of FSSAI license in Coimbatore as early as 180 days before the expiration date.

How can I reactivate my FSSAI license?

For all basic, state, and central levels, the procedures for reviving your rejected FSSAI application are listed below.

Revival of Basic/State FSSAI license

  • Candidates are required to submit a reactivation request to the State Food Safety Commissioner within three months of being rejected.
  • After filing the reactivation request, a designated official will survey the case for merit.
  • In the span of 30 days of getting a request from a food operator, an email ought to be shipped off the RC Division framing the candidate’s findings.
  • For the application reactivation process, the Designated Officers indicated that the proposal will need to be sent to the IT division.
  • The application that appears to be relevant will be evaluated by the IT department before being reactivated.
  • Under RCD’s supervision, they will also communicate with the DO/CFS and provide information regarding the reactivation.

Revival of rejected application for Central license

  • Applicants must apply to their FSSAI Regional Office within six months of the date of the rejection.
  • The case for the verification process will be examined by the director of the RO in light of the request.
  • The director of the regional office will send the recommendation to the RCD (Regional Compliance Division) after examining the request within thirty days.
  • The RCD will investigate the case in accordance with the advice of the RO.
  • In such situations, the Executive Director of the RCD would serve as the final arbiter in accordance with the recommendation.
  • After the case has been endorsed by RCD, it will be alluded to the IT Division.
  • In extreme cases, an FBO may be evaluated by the CEO at the FSSAI headquarters.

Uses of FSSAI license

A license from the FSSAI can also assist food businesses in expanding their operations. For instance, food organizations with a FSSAI license in Coimbatore can supply their products to government establishments, schools, and medical clinics, which expect providers to have a FSSAI license. Food businesses may be able to benefit from these new business opportunities.

The clearest advantage of getting a FSSAI license is lawful consistence. The FSSAI mandates that all food businesses, regardless of whether they are restaurants, traders, or manufacturers, obtain a license.

As a result, food businesses can avoid legal action and penalties for noncompliance by obtaining a license.


The licensing procedure entails multiple steps that call for a method that is both clear and mindful. The applicant may not be able to obtain the license if there is any error or mistake made during the licensing process.

The transfer of a food license can be done online, which saves the applicant a lot of time and is easy to use. The process is not difficult. Using login credentials, the license holder or stakeholder can access the FSSAI portal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.