What is BHOG in FSSAI?

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Places of Worship are a vital piece of Indian culture and food served in these places is viewed as unadulterated and hallowed however sanitation likewise should be executed. FSSAI has, in this manner, started Project BHOG (Blissful Hygienic Offering to God) to empower all Places of Worship (PoW) to embrace and keep up with food safety and cleanliness in the readiness of Prasad. All the PoW that convey Prasad, remembering merchants that sell Prasad for the area of the PoW, are consequently expected to get FSSAI permit/enlistment and they likewise need to follow the clean and cleanliness rehearses according to Food Safety and Standards guidelines. The FSSAI plans to make mindfulness among the PoW through Project BHOG to deter misbehaviors connected with food filled in as Prasad, langar, and so on and to guarantee administrative consistence.

Preparing of food overseers and merchants inside and outside the PoW premises is an essential piece of the BHOG drive. On a pilot premise, the FSSAI has completed preparing programs in Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu alongside coaches from Association of Food Scientists and Technologists of India (AFSTI) with the help of State Governments. The FSSAI has additionally fostered a direction record for keeping up with food safety and cleanliness in PoW which PoW can follow to execute administrative prerequisites of food safety and cleanliness. The direction archive gives tips, customs, techniques, and practices that PoW needs to continue in serving clean Prasad.

To work fair and square of sanitation in PoW skillet India, it is vital that Project BHOG is executed in all States and UTs where Prasad and food are served to lovers. FSSAI likewise coordinated a workshop on 12 January 2018 which was gone to by 66 representatives addressing significant PoW across India, States FDA, AFTSI and reviewing offices. Through the workshop, the PoW was sharpened and urged to embrace Project BHOG in their premises. Through a request dated 29 January 2018, the FSSAI has set out that all State/UT Commissioners of Food Safety should

  • direction and work with PoW to embrace BHOG
  • arrange workshops and preparing programs for food controllers, prepares and sellers on sanitation
  • urge the PoW to show Safe and Nutritious messages at different places to help the enthusiasts to instill sound propensities among individuals

Workshop Highlights

Workshop on Implementation of Food Safety in Places of Worship was attempted by FSSAI on 12 January 2018 which made mindfulness in the need to keep up with food safety and cleanliness during Prasad readiness in PoW. During the workshop

Project BHOG was carried out and the Guidance report for keeping up with food safety and cleanliness in PoW was delivered.

Food controllers and sellers were given experiences and about project BHOG and preparing for taking care of Prasad food cleanly.

The FSSAI likewise educated the PoW about food fortress and requested that they utilize strengthened consumable salt, wheat, rice, milk and oil in their Prasad

The PoW were educated about the informing and fine art created by FSSAI on Safe and Nutritious food and were urged to show these in their premises to instruct enthusiasts

In his location at the workshop Pushpesh Pant, Indian Academic, food antiquarian and essayist on sanctuary food varieties of India mentioned the accompanying observable facts in his location

Immaculateness of Prasad and food served in PoW were much the same as perception of cleanliness in the kitchen thus these two go inseparably

Prasad can be named a high gamble activity since food is ready for great many individuals and safe food dealing with rehearses should be carried out rigorously in the arrangement of Prasad as it could affect a huge populace

Any unused Prasad should be discarded through harmless to the ecosystem implies like changing over into vermicompost, arrangement of incense sticks, regular tones colors, and so forth.

Reception of present day innovation to keep up with custom, immaculateness, quality, cost and consistency of the Prasad as taken on in Sidhivinayak sanctuary in Mumbai.

Reception of value control of fixings, normalization of plans and naming on Prasad bundling an absolute necessity.

Project BHOG execution venture

AFSTI group of coaches drove by Dr. Prabhod Halde delivered a short film on Project BHOG which exhibited the BHOG parts in Sidhivinayak sanctuary related to ICT Mumbai and FDA Maharashtra, with help from FSSAI. A similar BHOG program was additionally executed in Sai Prasadalay of Shirdi Sansthan. ASTFI normalized the unrefined components and the interaction to guarantee food safety of Prasad and food arranged at these sanctuaries. Other great practices presented are the utilization of tempered steel hardware and machines, upkeep of individual cleanliness and appropriate garbage removal. IN different sanctuaries where AFTSI group is working for the execution of FSMS are Swaminarayan sanctuary in Dadar and Ahmedabad and Sai sanctuary Hyderabad.

BHOG execution in states

Maharashtra takes care of 63 places and 236 sanctuaries under Project BHOG including preparing of 3500 food overseers.

Gujarat FDA has executed the program in significant sanctuaries like Shri Kashtabhanjan Dev sanctuary, Shri Somnath Temple, Shri Swaminarayan Temple, Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul Vishwavidya Pratishthanam and remembers preparing of food overseers and managers for sanitation in interaction and planning of Prasad and individual cleanliness of kitchen and serving staff as likewise the bundling and capacity of arranged Prasad in these PoW.

Tamil Nadu 150 food overseers from 20 significant PoW have been prepared under Project BHOG by FSSAI and AFSTI. Subsequent to preparing there has been an improvement in these PoW as kitchens have been outfitted with present day devices like liners, gas ovens, vegetable cutting machines, blenders and processors. Cooks and aides have been instructed to keep up with individual cleanliness with occasional checking of individual sterile and wellbeing of food controllers including serving staff and there is observing of nature of food things and Prasad is sold stringently by approved organizations in the sanctuary premises.

Workshop Outcomes

Reception of Project BHOG by States and UTs: States and UTs will choose a nodal official for Project BHOG. States will facilitate with PoW specialists to carry out BHOG. Various parts of the AFSTI will help the PoW in their states for execution of sanitation under BHOG

Directing workshops cum instructional meetings in states: FSSAI alongside States and UTs will lead workshops cum instructional courses in various states with the following being embraced in Gujarat. AFSTI will foster E-learning modules for preparing food overseers. Partaking PoW will name their food controllers, cooks and merchants selling Prasad for preparing.

Making mindfulness about protected and nutritious food among residents: FSSAI will share messages and fine art connecting with the significance of protected and nutritious food sources with PoW so that these can be shown by PoW in their premises to help lovers to teach smart dieting propensities.

Outsider review: PoW where project BHOG is carried out will be evaluated by FSSAI empaneled inspecting organizations and plaques will be granted to those where PoW BHOG has been executed effectively. Other PoW will likewise be examined for making upgrades in their food safety frameworks.