How to get online FSSAI license?

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The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is a legitimate power that offers a food license to all food business administrators (FBO) in India. All the FBOs should observe every one of the principles and guidelines of FSSAI for food quality control.

An FBO requires a FSSAI License and everything relies on specific components like the size of creation, overseeing nature of food business exercises, and scope of activities. In the FSSAI Registration measure, the FBO gets 14 digit number. This 14 digit number should have the mark on food bundles.

FSSAI Registration guarantees the security of food items and it’s anything but a food handling testament circled by the food expert in India. Every one of the makers, dealers, eateries, staple shops, shippers and exporters, and so forth are qualified for giving a FSSAI License. FSSAI Licensing guarantees that food items go through explicit quality checks, subsequently diminishing the instances of corruption, inadequate items.

Who needs to apply for FSSAI License?

  • FBOs like wholesalers, merchants, providers, retailers, food distributing foundations, vendors, clubs, containers, Dhabas, lodgings, cafés, and storerooms with a yearly turnover of under Rs.12 lakh, between Rs.12 Lakh-Rs.20 crores or more than Rs.20 crores.
  • Unimportant makers fabricating without help from anyone else
  • A shoddy slow down selling food items.
  • Organizations associated with selling food at a social or a strict get-together, other than a cook.
  • Cabin businesses related with food items
  • Creation or preparing units of vegetable oil by the interaction of dissolvable extraction and treatment facilities including oil expeller framework. With an ability to give not in excess of 100 kg/litre each day (aside from milk or meat).
  • Dairy units, associated with acquisition/assortment/taking care of/chilling of milk, having a limit of not in excess of 500 litres each day, or up to 2.5 Metric Ton of milk solids every year.
  • A butchering limit of not in excess of 2 enormous creatures or 10 little creatures or 50 poultry birds each day.
  • Exclusive Foods
  • Creation and preparing units of vegetable oil by the interaction of dissolvable extraction and treatment facilities including oil expeller unit. With a turnover inside Rs. 12 lacs to Rs. 20 crores yearly.
  • Inns of 4-star appraisals or less or that have been evaluated 5-star or more.
  • Stockpiles that has limit of under 50,000 metric tons yearly. And also the stockpiles with a limit of in excess of 50,000 metric tons.
  • All food preparing units including re-packers, with a day by day limit of at the very least 100 kg/litre to up to 2 metric tons.
  • 100 % send out situated units associated with food creation or handling.
  • Food providers working under Central Government or related organizations like Railways, Airlines and air terminal, Seaport, Defense, and so forth
  • All food handling units including re-packers and barring the grains processing units with a limit of more than 2 metric tons each day.
  • All FBOs associated with delivering a thing of food, added substance or it’s fixing, utilizing some new cycle or innovation, and additionally a blend thereof, whose security has not been set up yet by the FSSAI. Or on the other hand they might not have a past filled with safe utilization. It covers the food articles being presented in the country.

Types of FSSAI License

Basic FSSAI License

The FSSAI registration is for food business administrators (FBOs) who have little measured organizations or new companies. They have a yearly turnover of under Rs.12 lakh. Basic registration can be overhauled relies upon your business deals chart efficiency.

FSSAI State license

The State FSSAI License is for the FBOs that run medium-size business. It should contain yearly turnover of more than Rs.12 Lakhs or up to Rs.20 crores. The state license can be additionally moved up to a focal license, all relies upon your business deal diagram efficiency.

FSSAI Central license

The Central FSSAI License is relevant for FBOs which have an enormous business yearly turnover for example above Rs.20 crores. It is likewise needed in situations where you need to supply at the public authority workplaces or import/trade food items.

How to get online FSSAI license?

Procedure for Online FSSAI License

  1. Complete simple form

One needs to fill the FSSAI Application form and provide details about food business.

  1. Send the documents

Form creating Form A and Form B, upload the documents. If any of our clients are not able to reach physically, please send the forms through e-mail id that we provide. When the payment affirmation is reflected in your FSSAI account, you need to record Form B with the government. There are various revelations and goals that should be filed with your application. E.g., board goal, proprietor self-declaration. These statements ought to in a perfect world be set up by an organization secretary.

    3.  Documents submission

FSSAI License application along with other declaration forms need to have the submission to the local FBO. This submission is done by our CS/CA. You will then, at that point need to follow-up to the government department for a report on your application. The government may send back your application for alters – assuming you neglect to react with 15 days of the application, your application will be dismissed.

  1. FSSAI License is issued

Eventually the FSSAI License is issued. The public authority office will require 45-60 working days to totally survey your application and endorse something very similar. Else, you can recruit for getting the FSSAI license for you. We get license given in 98% of our cases and save our clients from all the public authority bothers. In specific circumstances, client may have to visit the Food office or pay extra charges to the assessor

Just in four steps the FSSAI License can be obtained.


Business expansion

The altruism of the Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS) will make a business accessible and easy to grow.

Legal advantage

FSSAI Registration is possible under the administrative body FSSAI, and lawful move is possible for any resistance.


FSSAI logo is a sign of legitimacy that the food has protection to consume. This can be given for any FBO.